huffpost – Willie Nelson’s honest response to his new book gets Jimmy Fallon off the shelf

Host Fallon was speaking via video link with the country’s legend from his upcoming book, “Willie Nelson’s Letters to America,” when he asked about his motivation for collecting memorabilia, jokes, missives and of words.

“Ah, I don’t know. Someone talked about money, “responded the 88-year-old, award-winning musician.

In recognition of the perfectly delivered response, Fallon stood up from his desk, motioned to his studio audience, and stepped out through the curtain to the stage.

Fallon returned shortly after, still laughing at the response.

“Really, I thought it was a good idea,” Nelson explained. “And Turk Pipkin and I, the writer who helped me with the book, a great friend of mine, we’ve done a lot together in the past so I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.”

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