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huffpost – Twitter users applaud as surest sign of Trump’s departure reaches White House

The day is almost moving in the White House – and critics of President Donald Trump could not be happier with a sure sign of the administration’s impending departure: boxes.

Reuters photographer Erin scott captured a truck of unfolded boxes arriving at Eisenhower’s executive office building next to the White House, presumably to be filled with things as Trump employees make them exist:

Erin Scott / Reuters

On Wednesday, workers unload pallets of unfolded boxes in the executive office building on the White House grounds.

Scott also took an image of workers leaving the West Wing with their boxes full:

On Wednesday, people load boxes and other items from the West Wing of the White House into a vehicle.

Erin Scott / Reuters

People load boxes and other items from the West Wing of the White House into a vehicle Wednesday.

Trump had never formally conceded his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, instead launching an endless series of post-election lawsuits, espousing wild conspiracy theories built around unproven allegations of fraud, and pressuring election officials to do so. “ find ” enough votes to overrule the results.

After last week’s violent attack on the US Capitol led by his supporters, he finally admitted that “a new administration will be inaugurated on January 20”.

He didn’t mention Biden by name.

The sight of the moving boxes in the White House drew criticism from Trump on social media:


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