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huffpost – Surreal photos show DC locked out as grand opening approaches

As Washington, DC, still reeling from the Jan.6 uprising on the U.S. Capitol, also prepares for the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Photos this week show the city making unprecedented preparations amid the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest. In a city generally known for its open space and abundance of tourists, many scenes are shocking, revealing a state-of-the-art capital.

The National Guard plans to send 20,000 members for the day of the inauguration. There is a new 7-foot fence surrounding the Capitol, one that officials say cannot be climbed. And there’s a massive perimeter around the White House that stretches all the way to K Street and up to Constitution Avenue.

The National Mall would be closed to the general public, a major change from the scene where typically thousands of people would gather to witness the swearing-in of the new president. windows and worrying about dismal profits this month.

Stefani Reynolds via Getty Images

Weapons are distributed to members of the National Guard outside the United States Capitol on Wednesday, a week after the riot.

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Barricades partially block the intersection of 15th and K Street NW near the White House.

Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

Military trucks are parked behind perimeter fences Thursday near Union Station on Capitol Hill.


A razor wire is installed on top of a security fence near the US Capitol.

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Workers erect security fences at an intersection near the White House.

Erin Scott / Reuters

Workers board the International Monetary Fund building near the White House.

Stefani Reynolds via Getty Images

A “military only” sign is displayed at an entrance to the Dirksen Senate Office building on Capitol Hill.

DANIEL SLIM via Getty Images

Significant road closures are seen on a street near the White House.

Dmitry Kirsanov via Getty Images

The street leading to the offices of the US Department of the Treasury is blocked.

Dmitry Kirsanov via Getty Images

Security measures outside the Willard office building.

Stefani Reynolds via Getty Images

A television reporter films a segment in front of military vehicles near the United States Capitol.


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