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huffpost – Riz Ahmed reveals locked marriage to novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza

Riz Ahmed has revealed that he married novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Emmy-winning actor and musician confirmed the couple got married on Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.” He first broke the news of his nuptials on BBC broadcaster Louis Theroux’s podcast earlier this week.

The host of “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon, pointed out to Ahmed that some media have called the wedding “a secret.”

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Ahmed replied. “I guess because we live in the age of social media, if you don’t talk stuff in the megaphone, it’s like it’s a secret.”

“But I never know how much sharing is excessive,” he added. “Like, I’m into matcha lattes, but it never came. I’m not a ‘secret’ matcha latte drinker.

Ahmed, who lives in London but currently works in the United States, described the ceremony in the courtyard to his California-born wife as “super intimate”, socially distanced and with just a handful of guests due to the health crisis public.

“I think the nicest thing about it was you didn’t have 500 aunts around you pinching your cheeks,” he joked. “No disrespect for aunts, but Asian weddings are great and you always bring these people out of the woodwork.”

“She’s an incredible novelist,” he later said of his new wife, author of the best-selling “A Place For Us”.

Ahmed recalled that they first met at a New York City cafe as he was preparing for his role in “Sound Of Metal,” which premiered on Amazon Prime Video in December.

“We both sat at the same table in the cafe where we both came to write,” he recalls. “We were both jostling each other on the same laptop connection points, like a very modern way to meet.”

They “forged a friendship and reconnected across the board,” he added. “But it’s oddly like one of the many things about preparing for this role that was so special, it just brought a lot of goodness into my life.

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