huffpost – Ringo Starr’s battle with Ring O Sex Toy Company comes to a head

Ringo Starr has dropped a lawsuit against a company that sells cock rings under the “Ring O” brand.

Previously, the 80-year-old Beatles drummer argued that the Ring O brand was too similar to his professional stage name and could damage his reputation, according to the BBC.

In 2019, Starr’s legal team argued that consumers might believe that the ‘Yellow Submarine’ singer’s latest business is selling sex toys, “and that’s an association that Oppose [Starr] doesn’t want to, ”according to

But Starr has now withdrawn his complaint after reaching a deal with the manufacturers.

The settlement between Starr (real name Richard Starkey) and Pacific Holdings and Momentum Management require them to ”avoid any activity likely to lead to confusion “in connection with the toys and the rock legend, according to the newspaper Metro.

This means that the name “Ring O” can only be used on adult sex toys and desensitizing sprays, and that there must be a space between the “Ring” and the “O” in the mark.

Plus, the company can’t make any innuendo linking The Beatle to sex toys – so no sex puns based on Starr hits like “It Don’t Come Easy”.

Starr has yet to comment on the settlement, but he’s not the first rocker from the 1960s to complain that his name was used to promote A Good Time.

In 2013, Chubby Checker, the singer behind “The Twist” sued Hewlett Packard on an app called “The Chubby Checker” which was designed to measure the size of the penis.


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