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huffpost –  Police officer who fought Capitol Mob denounces racist abuses by rioters: “ Is this America?  ”

A policeman who battled rioters on Capitol Hill last month was stunned by the racist slurs leveled at him, he said in a moving interview Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

“I was called a [racist slur] a few dozen times … protecting this building, “Capitol Officer Harry Dunn said. A woman who spat abuse wore a “pink MAGA shirt,” he recalls.

“Is this America? What just happened? ”He asked another officer when it was over.

“I got angry, I got sad, I got hurt,” Dunn said.

“Everyone wants to say it was about politics – but [there] There were a lot of people in that crowd who were racist, ”added the 13-year-old police veteran.

“They beat police officers with Blue Lives Matter flags. They fought us. They had Confederate flags in the United States Capitol.

When he saw the Blue Lives Matter flags, Dunn thought to himself, “We have dozens of officers down … and you have the nerve to hold a Blue Lives Matter flag?”

In the midst of the chaos, he was breathless in pepper spray and bear mass, with blood on his knuckles, Dunn recounted. At one point, he was so overwhelmed by what was going on that he burst into tears.

Dunn said police were fighting people who were clearly “ready to fight,” with gas masks, bulletproof vests, two-way radios and bulletproof vests. “They were ready to go,” he said. “I was scared. I was absolutely scared.

He added: “We took out our weapons … and I said to myself: ‘All these people over there, they are armed too.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m going to get shot. They will take me out. ”

They “were terrorists,” Dunn said. “They tried to disrupt the democracy of this country – that was their goal. And you know what? You have all failed, ”said Dunn.

Check out the full interview in the video at the top.


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