huffpost – Olympians on TikTok spill tea and test the limits of their cardboard beds

Olympians at the Summer Games are revealing details of their cardboard beds, the existence of which has been sweeping the internet in recent weeks.

The beds are made of cardboard in an attempt to make the Tokyo Olympics more durable, but this material chooses materials sparked a rumor that the beds were meant to force Olympians to avoid “privacy” as they could only support the weight of one person at a time. Judge “anti-sex” beds, many on social media couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

But earlier this week, gymnast Rhys McClenaghan led the charge to debunk the “anti-sex” rumor by posting a video of him aggressively jumping on his bed.

In the process, many other Olympians took to TikTok to share their own journey with the cardboard beds.

Argentinian basketball star Francisco Caffaro gave fans a taste of what would happen if you jump and even do a little jig on your bed (with someone else):

American rugby player Ilona Maher – along with other Olympians – demonstrated how everything from CPR to dramatic fainting can occur without a hitch on a cardboard bed:

Australian water polo player Tilly Kearns gave her followers a full overview of the bed’s features and even revealed that the beds have an extension option for taller athletes:


Reply to @ lifeofriley2 The beds of the Olympic village, YES they are cardboard 😋

♬ Dreams (Remastered in 2004) – Fleetwood Mac

The New Zealand Olympians, however, have shown that their beds are not perfect:

American volleyball player Kelsey Robinson has shown that the beds seem less than comfortable to dive a bomb into:

Australian diver Melissa Wu doesn’t seem disheartened, however, calling the bed “soft and comfortable”:


Olympic beds are awesome! They are made of cardboard so environmentally friendly 👌♻️ # Tokyo2020 #OlympicSpirit #TokyoTogether

FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Long live the TikTok Olympic cardboard bed. Keep the content coming, Olympians.


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