huffpost – Mark McCloskey, sentenced to surrender the weapon he aimed against protesters, poses with the new AR-15

Mark McCloskey, the right-wing St. Louis lawyer who ordered the court just days ago to hand over the semi-automatic rifle he wielded against Black Lives Matter protesters last year, posted on Twitter his brand new AR-15.

The lawyer, who is now running for the Missouri senator, posted a photo on Saturday happily showing off his latest weapon on Twitter with his wife, Patricia McCloskey.

The McCloskeys have sparked national outrage – and praise from Donald Trump – after pointing their guns at racial justice protesters walking past their home on their way to the St. Louis mayor’s home a year ago. The two claimed that the mixed mob intended to kill them and set their house on fire. None of this was true.

They were charged with crimes but pleaded guilty last week to assault and harassment and were fined $ 3,000. As part of their plea deal to dodge jail time, Patricia McCloskey returned the handgun she had aimed at protesters and her husband agreed to give up the rifle he was using.

Mark McCloskey said outside the courthouse on Thursday that he agreed with prosecutors that he had put protesters in “imminent fear of physical harm.” That’s what the guns were for, ”he said defiantly, vowing to“ do the same thing again ”whenever a“ mob ”threatens his family.

He admitted in an affidavit four years ago that he challenged one of his own neighbors “at gunpoint” for crossing part of the neighborhood.

Richard Callahan, the special prosecutor in charge of the case, said in a statement that the plea deal was reasonable, in part because no shots were fired, no one was injured and that the McCloskeys had called the police.

“The protesters were a racially mixed and peaceful group, comprising women and children, who simply took a wrong turn in protesting outside the mayor’s house,” the Callahan statement said.

McCloskey’s Democratic opponent in the Senate race capitalized on his menacing gun incident in a campaign ad earlier this month. In it, candidate Lucas Kunce arms a gun, appears to be aiming for something, then says, “Forget it … Stunts like this … are for those clowns on the other side, like this’ Mansion Man. ‘Mark McCloskey. “

Critics on Twitter couldn’t believe McCloskey was already buying a new gun.


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