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huffpost – Josh Hawley says he won’t be intimidated by the crowd cheering him on

The young Missouri senator has heard criticism from colleagues, campaign donors, national newspapers and his book publisher, all resenting him for defending voter fraud lies that spawned a riot on Capitol Hill last week .

But in a column for the south-east of the Missourian which claims to respond to this criticism, Senator Josh Hawley only repeated his lies.

He wrote that he rightly objected to the election result because “many citizens of Missouri are deeply concerned about the integrity of the election,” although no allegations of voter fraud have been substantiated despite dozens. of lawsuits across the country.

He said he was only doing something Democrats had done before. “The difference between these past examples and this year, however, is striking,” Hawley wrote. “In the past, when Democrats opposed, they were praised for standing up for democracy.”

And yet, when Democrats opposed certifications from past presidential elections, they did not do so as part of a total rejection of the election result – and they did not encourage a rally of their most supporters. violent. Their supporters did not ransack the Capitol, or kill and injure police in their hunt for members of Congress to hold hostage or execute.

Would the Democrats have continued their objection even after a riot on Capitol Hill? We will never know. But that’s what Hawley did.

“Some have wondered why I stuck with my objection to the violence on Capitol Hill,” Hawley wrote. “The reason is simple: I will not bow to a lawless crowd, nor allow criminals to drown out the legitimate concerns of my constituents.

But Hawley actually raised his fist at the lawless crowd before it stormed the Capitol, and the crowd cheered Hawley – it’s on video.

The HuffPost asked the office of Hawley who he said had revolted on Capitol Hill last week since he condemned the violence, but never specifically condemned the mob’s efforts to overturn the election.

Spokesmen for the senator did not respond.


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