huffpost – John Oliver’s cereal segment takes a detour to throw Marvel movies in the trash

John Oliver bit and spat Marvel movies during a “Last Week Tonight” segment devoted to breakfast cereals. (Watch the video below.)

In a web exclusive released on Sunday, the host lamented the lack of exciting new cereals on the market. He hailed an old favorite, Reese’s Puffs, as one of the last to really make a splash.

“The point is, when was the last time grain news hit the mainstream? I’ll tell you, it’s not! Said Olivier.

He went on to praise the “good grain publicity” over the past decade – a Frosted Flakes spot in which Tony the Tiger and Shaquille O’Neal discuss who loves grain more.

“It’s a perfect advertisement for grain from start to finish,” Oliver said. “In just half a minute he establishes a world in which Tony the Tiger exists, has a beautifully decorated home office including a personalized nameplate of Tony, apparently video chats with Shaquille O’Neal every morning for the breakfast and that they love each other. It’s a cinematic universe that’s richer in detail than what Marvel has done in 13 fucking years.

Watch out, John, this universe has a guy who can wipe out half of civilization quickly.


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