huffpost – Jimmy Kimmel shades Jay Leno in farewell to Conan O’Brien

Jimmy Kimmel said goodbye Thursday to Conan O’Brien and good riddance to Jay Leno.

Kimmel took the time in his monologue to wish O’Brien the best of luck for completing his last talk show episode “Conan” on TBS after nearly 11 years. O’Brien occupied late-night television for nearly three decades.

“Before Conan, I didn’t even know bears could masturbate,” Kimmel said.

Then it was time to revisit an old grudge.

“Anyway, here’s Conan and Andy Richter and everyone involved with this show,” Kimmel said. “We look forward to everything you have in store for the sequel on HBO Max. And I also mean, congratulations to Jay Leno on his new time slot at TBS.

For the uninitiated, O’Brien was promised the chair “The Tonight Show” for years, and he replaced Leno in 2009. But Leno oddly accepted a variety show in the prime time slot before. O’Brien.

When the two shows failed to connect, NBC referred Leno to “The Tonight Show” and referred O’Brien to a location after midnight. O’Brien received $ 32.5 million from NBC as part of a contract settlement and moved to TBS, where he hosted “Conan” for almost 11 years.

The dust was seen by many as Leno’s betrayal of O’Brien.

Kimmel has always been Team Coco in this area. He embarrassed Leno on his own show once when Leno asked him what his best prank was.

“I think the best prank I ever made was, I told a guy that in five years I’m going to give you my show, and then when the five years came in I gave it to him and I picked up almost instantly, ”Kimmel snapped.


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