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huffpost – Jimmy Fallon’s Instagram bit leads to Donald Trump Burn perfection

Jimmy Fallon observed on Wednesday that two people on Instagram can write the same caption while posting very different images. (See the video below.)

His reflection was just a way to get into his piece “Picture This”, in which he imagined two famous people with the same message but incredibly different photos.

The host of “The Tonight Show” launched some political blows. For example, he joked that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jared Kushner both wrote, “This makes my blood boil.” Only Schwarzenegger posted a photo of the Capitol riot and Kushner shared a photo of the garlic.

But that was just a warm-up for his final comparison for Barack Obama and Donald Trump, who wrote: “If there’s one thing that matters to me, this is it. Obama put up a photo of his family. And Trump, well, look at the gag below.


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