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huffpost – Glenn Beck slammed for comparing Trump’s tech platform ban to the Holocaust

Right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck was convicted after comparing the recent crackdown by social media platforms on President Donald Trump, the far-right and conspiracy theorists to the ghettoization of Jews in the Nazi Germany.

“You can’t have free speech if you can’t … express yourself in a meaningful place,” Beck said in an interview Tuesday on Tucker Carlson’s much-watched Fox News show, saying she was “absolutely anti-American” if carried out. by people on the left or on the right.

“It’s like the Germans with the Jews behind the wall. They would put them in the ghetto. Well, this is the digital ghetto. Beck continued. “You can talk as much as you want. Jews, you do whatever you want behind the wall.

“Well, it’s not significant. And that’s where we are, ”he accused. “This is where millions of Americans will be.”

Beck, the founder of right-wing digital media company The Blaze, claimed it was “not to compare him to the Germans,” even though he was doing just that. “It’s not about doing anything other than warning if you don’t stand up for freedom of speech, you will also be the one who loses it,” he added.

Check out Beck’s comments here:

Many major tech platforms – including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – have either banned Trump or taken steps to ban him from using their services following his incitement to riot on the U.S. Capitol last week.

Supporters of the president who promote conspiracy theories or encourage violence have also been kicked from the sites. Some initially responded by migrating to the right-wing social network Speak, which Amazon has now ceased to host due to its inflammatory content.

The American Jewish Committee condemned Beck’s comments.

“The constant militarization of the darkest chapter in history is deeply offensive and an affront to the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust,” he tweeted.

“There is no comparison between the big tech companies that apply the standards of their community and the Holocaust. None, ”added the AJC, demanding that Beck apologize.

Others shared their disgust at Beck’s analogy, calling it “incredibly” and “totally” offensive:


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