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huffpost – Ellen DeGeneres on COVID-19 battle: ‘I felt like I cracked a rib’

Ellen DeGeneres brought much-needed levity back to the airwaves on Wednesday when she returned to host her daytime talk show for the first time since testing positive for coronavirus last month.

In her opening monologue, the Emmy winner revealed that the COVID-19 test results were delivered to her moments before she began filming an episode in early December. The news prompted her to postpone production of her show until early 2021.

“I was in the hair and makeup, powdered my face and put on my extensions,” DeGeneres joked. “Then my assistant, Craig, walks in and says, ‘You tested positive for COVID.’ And then everyone around me ran away. It’s funny, people are really scared. And they ran – some haven’t returned since.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres’ monologue on January 13 below.

DeGeneres left the studio soon after and returned home, where she had to isolate herself from friends and family, including his wife Portia de Rossi.

While the comedian did not experience symptoms of COVID-19 as frequently cited as fever and sensory loss, she said she was put on pain reliever and muscle relaxant for back spasms. Unfortunately, the drugs did little to help.

“My back got worse,” she says. “It was as if I had cracked a rib.”

DeGeneres is now feeling better, although she noted that she still does not know where she contracted the coronavirus.

“I still don’t know where I got it from,” she said. “I wear a mask. I wash my hands. I only licked three or four doorknobs. It’s a mystery to me.

The remainder of Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was devoted to current events with CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN presenter Jake Tapper joining in to discuss a new strain. disturbing COVID-19, which has been identified in at least nine states, and the Capitol Hill headquarters last week.

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