huffpost – Dr Anthony Fauci: “Attacks on me… are attacks on science”

Dr Anthony Fauci is tired of taking pictures of people attacking his COVID-19 recommendations and he let his critics have him on Wednesday.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Fauci called the critics “Absurd” and “painfully ridiculous”, but made it clear that there was an even bigger target.

“The attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science,” the country’s top infectious disease expert said before refuting the attacks on previous remarks on the origin of the coronavirus and the importance of wearing masks to prevent transmission.

“If you go through each of them, you can explain it and demystify it immediately,” Fauci said. “I mean, all of them.”

To this end, Todd showed a Twitter video from Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) in which she accuses Fauci of being in cahoots with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and of being responsible for funding the creation of the coronavirus.

Fauci has dismissed Blackburn’s unproven claims.

“I don’t want to be derogatory against a US senator, but I have no idea what she is talking about,” Fauci said.

Although there have been recent reports suggesting that the virus that causes COVID-19 may have escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, Fauci still believes the natural scenario is more likely based on the data available.

“You want to keep an open mind. It’s a possibility. I think that’s a highly improbable possibility, and I think the most important one, that you look at what scientists are feeling, is most likely that it was of a natural origin, ”Fauci said, although ‘he stays “Very favorable” to further investigation.

Fauci seemed puzzled that many Americans don’t understand that a new virus like the one that causes COVID-19 is a moving target and that the rules and recommendations change as new information emerges.

“When that data changes, when you get more information, it is essential that you change your position because you have to be guided by current science and data,” he said. “People want to fire me or put me in jail for what I have done, which is to follow science.”

He added, “This is absurd, Chuck. Totally absurd.

Fauci then reiterated that any attack on him is because people don’t want to follow science.

“Frankly, a lot of what you see as attacks on me are attacks on science, because all the things I have talked about, consistently from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science,” did he declare.

“Sometimes these things were inconvenient truths for people, and there was a reluctance against me. So if you try to, you know, attack me as a public health official and scientist, you’re really not just attacking Dr Anthony Fauci, you are attacking science, ”he said. “And anyone looking at what’s going on sees it clearly. “

You can see the exchange in the video at the top.


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