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huffpost – DC to close 13 metro stations as city shuts down ahead of grand opening

Thirteen subway stations in Washington, DC, will close this weekend until the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, local transit officials said on Wednesday.

The affected stations, which include some of the city’s busiest stations, such as Union Station and Farragut North, are within a planned “security perimeter” authorities are putting in place in preparation for the Jan. 20 event. During closures, trains “will pass through closed stations without stopping,” the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said.

He added that 26 bus lines will also be rerouted around the security perimeter from this Friday.

The changes to metro and bus stops are part of a larger effort by authorities to secure the city – and the area around the Capitol in particular – ahead of Biden’s inauguration.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Wednesday that the murderous siege of the Capitol by Trump supporters last week significantly changed the city’s plans for the event.

At least 20,000 National Guard troops will be deployed to the area, Bowser said. She urged out-of-town visitors to stay away until the grand opening is over and urged residents to avoid the downtown area except for essential business.

Citing recommendations from Bowser and other officials that visitors would not travel to Washington next week, Airbnb said Wednesday it would cancel all reservations made in the DC metro area during inauguration week.

Bowser said no decision has yet been made on whether Washington hotels will be closed, but a local union of hotel workers has done so. called for all hotels in the DC area to “close prior to grand opening, unless they are housing security personnel.”


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