How to rid your car of spiders, mice, ants and other pests

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Animals and insects are attracted to hot places and will keep them hidden. Unfortunately, your car ticks both boxes, which means that at some point you might be faced with the unfortunate discovery that certain creatures have made their home in your merry-go-round.

Such an infestation can not only damage the vehicle (and your health), but you could inadvertently injure the invading animals when you turn on the engine. EThey can also present a danger while you are driving — I am allergic to spider bites, and find a drop down the car ceiling while I’m driving is always a a little scary. So hHere’s how to remove scary caterpillars and critters from your car, and keep them away.

Check for signs of rodents and insects living in your car

You are probably not going find a living squirrel in the back seat. Instead, small animals like mice and possums find refuge in narrow crevasses your engine and others small spaces. By finding these comfortable areas, rats and mice can often chew threads and rubber hoses, clog filters, and otherwise cause serious damage to your engine—and possibly create the risk of a vehicle fire. With the little critters come animal feces too — and their faeces can contaminate the interior of the car (or, say, your cabin filters), which can harm your health. Insects love spiders tend to settle in your side mirrors, your car’s roof, and air vents. (Imagine turning on your air conditioner and getting a face full of spiders!)

Take a close look at your car if you suspect that an animal is hiding there. Modern pest gives a useful list of signs that a rodent is living in your car:

  • Visual observations of feces and urine, as well as bad odors
  • Strange noises, especially the radiator or fan making a roaring or vibrating noise that indicates a nest in the radiator fan motor
  • Locate food sources like acorns, dog food, and birdseed that rodents brought in your car to eat. See old snacks like fries in unlikely places
  • Occasionally see a mouse or rat jump or run in your car

If you see signs of mice, squirrels, possums or even cats, do not start the engine or make noise before getting into the vehicle to try to scare them.

How to prevent rodents like mice, rats, and possums from living in your car

You can keep parasites out of the car by many of the same methods you use to keep them to enter your house (and you might even get better results). Mice and other animals are very sensitive to strong odors, and they does not like the smell of cedar wood, peppermint and Cayenne pepper. Place cotton balls with the essential oils of these aromas around the car dissuade or repel mouse. Thing steel wool or mesh wire in small crevices and open areas where animals might crawl prevent mice to fit into your engine. And you can still resort to traps and poison – both are efficient but much less humane pest control options.

Animals find your car in particular welcoming when staying in one place for an extended period. If you don’t use your car regularly, you should make an effectiveout to continue to tower put it on and take it A short drive from time to time. Animals will not find a suitable place to rest if there is periodically in motion.

To hunt animals far away you think you are hiding in your car, try to ring your keys and honk your horn before you run your engine at. The surprising noise will probably be scare the animal away, allowing you to start your journey. Whatever you do, do not open the hood of the car in an attempt take the animal out; he in may only dig deeper into your car’s engine to hide.

Finally, clean your car as often as possible. Mice, rats, possums and other animals are attracted to leftover food and crumbs. Regularly washing cars and vacuuming in case of a spill helps keep hungry animals at bay.

How to get rid of insects like spiders and ants in your car

Bugs may not chew on your wires or mess up your engine, but no one wants to find a cockroach in their center console. Your first line of defense is here keeping your own car. Llike mice, insects and ants are attracted to food waste. Regularly wipe the dashboards, vacuum crumbs and remove food from your car every day. If you can afford it, get full service car cleaning every time you get an oil change. It’s an easy way to remember to deep clean your car and well worth the cost (around $ 35) if you can rock it.

Remember to clean the floor mats when you store your car. According to pest control solutions site Mantis, car floor carpets are a great place for insects to lay eggs and larvae. Mmake sure you vacuum carpet thoroughly, and try to not let they stay wet for long periods of time.

Insects like spiders too don’t like the smell peppermint and citrus oil, so the same cotton ball method used to deter mice can be applied here.

Finally, and perhaps more terrifying, drawing pins do not only live in beds and unfortunately can also infest your car. If this happens, you will need to contact a professional—bed bugs and other hitchhikers parasites as fleas can be almost undetectable in a car and are extremely difficult to get rid of it alone. However, a pest control pro can run the heat method Or use cryonite treatments to rid your car of these persistent infestations.


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