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Want to increase your PlayStation Trophy Rankings and prove your gaming prowess? Then you need to collect Platinum trophies. Platinum Trophies are a badge of honor for many players, meaning you’ve completed all of the challenges a game has to offer.

They also increase your PlayStation Network’s trophy ranking above singles. trophies in bronze, silver or gold. And following from Sony overhaul of the Trophy system last year, they are more valuable than ever, but just as difficult to obtain.

How to earn Platinum Trophies

Players can easily collect bronze and silver trophies just by playing a game in an easy way. Gold trophies require extra effort, of master multiplayer modes, conquer bonus challenges, complete all secondary content in a game, sometimes multiple times in a row.

Platinum trophies, however, are only rewarded after unlocking all other trophies in a game. Since many modern games feature gigantic, content-rich worlds that can be explored for tens or even hundreds of hours, which earns you money. a Platinum trophy take many more effort than just beating the single player campaign.

But there are exceptions.

Easiest Platinum Trophies to Earn on PS4 and PS5

As many trophy hungry players have found, there are tons of games that can be Platinumed in 10-15 hours – and just as much. who take many less time than that. It is possible to grab a bunch of little games from PlayStation Network and win five or six new Platinum trophies in as many hours. The catch is that some of these games are, shall we say, questionable as.

Nonetheless, if you possess a competitive drive to reach trophy rank 999 regardless of the cost, there are plenty of low-effort Platinum you can take advantage of. List of cultivated vultures 50 Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies is a great place to start; mMost of the games on the list can be Platinum in under 10 hours (some only last 60 minutes or less). Eventa few who cross the 10-hour mark should be easy playthroughs.

If you’re looking for PlayStation 5 exclusives, Platget’s roundup of the best PS5 launch titles to Platinum can help. Platget also reviews new games based on their trophies, so it’s worth bookmarking the site. to see what it will take for Platinum the latest versions.

Finally, the “Trophy Hunting Society” discussion thread from the PS4 subdirectory is a good place to find game suggestions and chat with other Trophy friends.


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