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How to Get Your Pet to Switch Brands

What a cat-astrophe.

A cat litter shortage is sweeping the country as Clorox — maker of three popular brands, Fresh Step, Scoop Away and Ever Clean — suffers the consequences of a cybersecurity attack, forcing feline lovers to think outside the box.

This disorderly activity was first discovered in mid-August and led to serious supply chain problems, according to the Washington Post.

In some cases, Clorox had to start taking orders manually because damage to its internal systems caused serious problems and delays in order processing, according to NBC.

And while Clorox expects to return to normal order processing next week, they don’t know how quickly they’ll be able to catch up on fulfillment and operations, leaving consumers looking for alternatives in waiting.

There is currently a shortage of cat litter.

How to Get Your Pet to Switch Brands
Fresh Step, Scoop Away, and Ever Clean cat litters are all made by Clorox, which is why they can be a little harder to track down these days.

How to Get Your Pet to Switch Brands
Clorox, the parent brand of some of these cat litters, was the victim of a cybersecurity attack.

But changing your cat’s litter box along the way can be difficult for your four-legged friend, according to Petbarn, possibly leaving him confused to the point that he stops pooping in the designated area.

Whitney Miller, Petco’s chief veterinarian, told the Washington Post that it was important to choose a new litter that was as similar to the old one as possible.

Kate Benjamin, author of the best-selling books “Catification” and “Catify to Satisfy,” also told the Washington Post that it’s wise to gradually introduce a new cat litter.

She recommended that those who are short of Fresh Step, Scoop Away or Ever Clean start mixing the old stock with the new, more widely available litter to help their precious pet adjust.

“I hope they match the new litter with the favorite litter,” she told the outlet.

How to Get Your Pet to Switch Brands
Some experts advise against abruptly changing your cat’s litter type.

How to Get Your Pet to Switch Brands
The attack was first discovered in mid-August, and as a result, the company took its systems offline.

The Post has contacted Clorox for comment.

The shortage is just the latest indignity suffered by kittens around the world. Animal experts are also currently warning of a “tortuous” TikTok trend that is leaving cats in extreme distress.

The trend involves cat-cat parents running their pets in circles while filming.

“At no time should an animal be deliberately put in a position to feel fear, anxiety, frustration or feel pain for the benefit of human entertainment,” Daniel Warren-Cummings told Metro , Head of Behavior at a UK-based charity.