How to get the macOS 12 Safari interface on macOS 11

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Apple’s Safari browser will get a visual overhaul as part of the upcoming macOS 12 Monterey update released later this year, and tHere are a few ways to try out the new browser ahead of the macOS 12 update, including a way to get it now on macOS 11.

What are the upcoming changes for macOS 12 Safari?

Before we get into how you can test the new Safari at first, let’s take a look at the changes to the browser, starting with the new interface that completely changes the look and function of the tab bar. Safari tabs now float as separate square buttons at the top of the browser window, much like Firefox has recently been redesigned tab bar. Unlike the new tabs in Firefox, however, Safari ireplace the search bar entirely. Instead of a single URL bar at the top of the window, each tab now has its own, and wthen you click on a tab it expands to show the full URL, and you can enter other addresses and search terms as usual.

Browser page controls are also integrated into tabs. Instead, always present “X” button to close a tab, you now hover the mouse over the tab icon to reveal the “X”. Likewise, a new “…” The button replaces and consolidates many common toolbar buttons into a single overflow menu, including the page refresh icon.

Illustration from the article titled How to get the macOS 12 Safari interface on macOS 11

Screenshot: Apple

Safari’s user interface will also change color depending on the website you are on. Clicking between tabs dynamically changes the color scheme, although only certain websites support this feature at the moment.

The latest big addition in the new Safari are Tab Groups, which allow you to open multiple pages in a single tab. Tab groups have appeared in other browsers (mixed reception), but they are intended to make multi-tab browsing less cumbersome.

How to try the new Safari before macOS 12 versions

The Safari redesign will be part of the macOS 12 update, but can now test the redesign in the latest Safari tech preview for macOS 11.3 Big Sur. It’s also available in the beta of macOS 12, but the Safari Preview method is much simpler. It also installs as a separate app from normal Safari. If you don’t like the changes, or if you’re having trouble with Safari Technology Preview, you can just go back to the standard Safari app until macOS 12 and new Safari updates are rolled out and replace the current interface.

  1. Update to macOS Big Sur 11.3 if you haven’t already. Click on the Apple menu then go to System Preferences> Software Update to check your version of macOS. Click on “Update now” if there is an update available.
  2. Download and install Safari Technology Preview for Big Sur from the Safari Developer Downloads Page.
  3. Run the Safari technology preview. The new tabbed interface will be immediately visible.



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