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How To Cook Hot Dogs: The Best And Worst Ways

My vegetarian brother hovered over the stove, staring at a package of uncooked beef sizzling canines that he graciously prepared to cook dinner for the rest of us, his omnivorous household (he was having Beyond Brats). “What do I do with these?” he questioned, and I chuckled to myself at his naiveté.

But two times later, my meat-ingesting, incredibly hot-pet dog-loving friend requested me the very same dilemma, and I understood: Does no 1 essentially know how to cook scorching pet dogs?

Very first of all, most processed very hot canines are precooked, so you won’t probable give anybody foodstuff poisoning if you serve them chilly, straight from the fridge in all their slippery, rubbery glory. (Reheating them, nonetheless, does be certain that you’ll destroy any listeria that could perhaps be lurking.) But you should not do that.

The great warm pet dog is heated up till it is nice and plump on the within and golden (or even charred) on the outside. However, if you question a person about the very best way to put together a incredibly hot canine, you should get ready for a fight. Number of people concur on whether or not you should really grill them, pan-fry them, microwave them, roast them in the oven or boil them. You can even spiral-slice them or cook dinner them up into creepy very little octopuses. Food items writers have tested just about every which-way in the identify of science, but there’s nevertheless no consensus.

Nevertheless you want to cook your canine, there’s a very simple strategy for every single method that you ought to grasp just before cookout season approaches. Look at them out beneath, ranked from our favored to minimum favorite procedures.

1. Pan-Frying

This makes certain a plump interior and a crispy exterior, and lets you to manage the degree of golden brown on the exterior. Never permit the term “frying” idiot you ― there is no oil concerned.

  1. Put fifty percent an inch of water in a frying pan and permit it arrive to a simmer on medium-high warmth.

  2. Include the incredibly hot dogs to the pan, a number of at a time, and pop a lid on the pan for about 2-3 minutes to let them steam. If the h2o boils off and the bottom of the pan is dry just before the 2-3 minutes are up, just incorporate some a lot more water, a very little at a time.

  3. Right after 2-3 minutes of steaming, eliminate the lid from the pan and enable the drinking water boil dry. Now roll the incredibly hot canine all-around for a few minutes to get them browned on all sides.

Get started grilled scorching canines in excess of lower heat and end them in excess of larger warmth.

2. Grilling

This’ll give you good char marks and a awesome smoky taste.

  1. Convert on your grill. You want a person facet of your grill to be hotter and one cooler.

  2. Start out cooking the sizzling pet dogs on the cooler aspect of the grill (this helps prevent the outsides from burning also promptly). Prepare dinner them for one particular minute on every single aspect.

  3. Shift the very hot canine to the very hot aspect of the grill right up until they access the shade you want.

3. Oven-Roasting

This process is best if you are creating a large batch for a crowd.

  1. Preheat your oven to 400 levels Fahrenheit.

  2. Set hot dogs on a cookie sheet which is been lined with foil (this will make cleanup super effortless!) and prepare dinner for 15 minutes. They’ll sizzle and start to switch brown, so keep an eye on them right until you get your wished-for end result.

4. Microwave

The individuals at Leite’s Culinaria have shared an important incredibly hot puppy microwaving trick that makes use of a paper towel. To microwave a greater pet dog, just wrap it in a paper towel in advance of nuking for 30 seconds at 80% electrical power. Covering it with a paper towel holds in the steam making certain a plump, juicy dog. Effortless and delicious.

Look how sad these boiled hot dogs look.

Look how unhappy these boiled scorching pet dogs glimpse.

5. Boiling

Just do not do it. As the people at Nathan’s Renowned say, “Honestly we just don’t propose it. We did not back again in 1916 when Nathan Handwerker started out it all, and we nevertheless never these days. When you boil a Nathan’s, all that distinctive taste rushes out into the water. And let us be frank: who needs to eat a watered-down very hot dog?”

(But if you insist, you must bring your h2o to a rolling boil and prepare dinner the incredibly hot canine for 5-6 minutes.)

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