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The Google Play Music service is dead, but the app still haunts many Android devices. Its icon remains on the launcher and its data takes up space in the internal memory, but opening the app simply brings you to a screen with the message “Google Play Music is no longer available”.

Fortunately, Google is rolling out a posthumous update to the app that adds a way to ditch your phone’s Google Play Music presence forever.

First, you need to download the new Google Play Music app update version 8.29.9112-1.W. Check the version number of your app and download the update from its Google Play Store page; like all Google updates, the rollout is spotty and some users may have to wait a while for it to become available. Keep checking back periodically – this will show up at some point.

Once you have installed version 8.29.9112-1.W, open Google Play Music one last time. You’ll be greeted with the same “Google Play Music is no longer available” message and a “Explore YouTube Music” prompt instead, but there’s also a new “Free up space” menu with the following options:

  • Hide the application: Removes the Google Play Music app from your app screen.
  • Delete local data: Delete any downloaded music, podcasts, album art or Google Play Music playlists saved on your phone and clear the app cache.
  • Open application information: Takes you to the app’s info page in your Android settings. Most of the settings are out of date at this point, but can check how much data the app is taking on your phone under “Storage and Cache” if you’re curious.

Make sure to select “Delete local data” before hiding the application. If you don’t, it will be more difficult to delete persistent Google Play Music files from your phone. This is especially important if you downloaded your entire Google Play Music library to your phone before shutdown, but forgot to delete the files after backing them up to another service or device.

Once the local app data is deleted, tap “Hide the application” and Google Play Music can finally join all of Google’s other abandoned services in the great beyond.


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