How Leon made Maël de Calan grow up – Morlaix

Maël de Calan says it himself: “Yes, I spent most of my childhood in Paris”. But all these years, four months a year, it is between Sibiril and Saint-Pol-de-Léon, where the roots of his very large family – the La Lande de Calan – are found – that he spends his holidays. He retains the days at the beach, in Cléder, the sailing courses, in Pempoul “with one of the two brothers Le Cléac’h as an instructor”. And, more unusual, two summers spent as a postman in Sibiril. “I knew 100% of the town’s mailboxes! You can ask the letter carrier, Ms. Guéguen, who is still there! “.

Visceral attachment

“Maël and Leon, it’s visceral,” assures Aline Chevaucher, mayor of Plouénan, elected alongside him to the departmental council since 2015. There are his deep family roots, but also political ones. With a grandfather who was mayor of Sibiril and a father who was a municipal councilor in Saint-Pol-de-Léon, “I have been swimming in it since I was little! “. Among the Calans, “the notion of service is in the genes,” says Jean-Guy Guéguen, former mayor of Carantec and friend of the family.

The territory of Morlaix is ​​extraordinarily divided politically! A corner not simple … But very endearing, magnificent with people who are committed. There aren’t many places like this in France!

However, the political revelation will only happen in high school. “In eco class, in terminal. I had a very bright teacher who was very left-wing. I didn’t agree with her. I realized that there are different visions of the world and different visions of the possible. The concrete commitment follows, at Sciences Po Paris then HEC, in the RPR and UMP sections. Before putting politics on hold, it’s time to launch your professional career.

Back in 2012

But she does not leave him for long. In 2012, he moved to Roscoff, where he found work, in a biotechnology start-up. That year, Agnès Le Brun, then mayor of Morlaix, ran for the legislative elections: “I said to Maël, if you want to cut your teeth on the ground, come and help me in Morlaix”. He will be his campaign manager.

“I gave him several months of my life, admits the Roscovite. She played an indisputable role, introducing me to the world and making me discover local politics. “It was at this time that he really discovered the territory of Morlaix:” Extraordinarily shared politically! A corner not simple … But very endearing, magnificent with people who are committed. There aren’t many places like this in France! “

I think he understood that the way to a solid anchorage was to be slow. He took the time and it works.

Others will put the foot in the stirrup: Joseph Séité, former mayor of Roscoff, of which he will be elected on the list, to the municipal ones, in 2014. His first mandate in Brittany. Jacques Le Guen, who pushes him for the 2015 departmental (and which he wins alongside Aline Chevaucher). But also the former mayors Adrien Kervella (Saint-Pol-de-Léon), Jean-Guy Guéguen, Raymond Mercier (Guiclan) or Charles Miossec (Landivisiau).

A Parisian in Leon

All say of him that he is “brilliant” and “ambitious”. Enough to annoy and stir up critics, necessarily: he is too “Parisian”, not very present locally with a job in Paris and national political commitments… Maël de Calan does not deny: “When you are 40 years old and a job next door, yes, we miss meetings and inaugurations… ”. Aline Chevaucher tempers: “It’s not just the physical presence that counts! We are complementary and he is there when needed! “. The two elected officials recall the 150 hotlines held since 2015, on Saturdays. Successful issues such as the Kerglaz roundabout or the renovation of the Segpa section of the college in Saint-Pol, the mobilization for Perharidy… As for its Parisian network, it takes responsibility. But prefers to speak of “capacity to weigh, to help the territory”.

Departmental advisor, and after?

In 2017 and then in 2020, he suffered two big setbacks, in the legislative elections and then in the municipal elections of Roscoff (he is now in the opposition). Two defeats that marked him. Without weakening his desire. “I think he understood that the way to a solid anchorage was to be slow. He took the time and it works, ”said Agnès Le Brun. As proof, the 66.06% achieved in his stronghold, ensuring his re-election to the Department.

Ten years after moving to Nord-Finistère, Maël de Calan has established himself locally. He even achieved the feat of tipping Finistère to the right. But can he be satisfied with it? “He’s young and he has it all. There remains the question of the scope of his ambition, asks Adrien Kervella. He has the capacity to go far beyond. He wants it. The whole point is that it cannot be cut from the base. “

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