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Debate on a bipartisan infrastructure bill will begin in the House on Monday and go to the floor for a vote three days later, President Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday.

In a letter to House Democrats, Pelosi, D-Calif., Said the vote would come on the same day the country’s surface transportation law expires – which allows spending on highways, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

The Senate passed the $ 550 billion infrastructure bill last month with 69 votes, including all 50 Democratic voting members.

But progressive members of the Democratic House have threatened to defeat the legislation unless moderates agree to pass President Joe Biden’s multibillion-dollar Build Back Better package, which he touted as an “investment. long-term “to create jobs and reduce child care costs, plus education and prescription drugs.”

Representative Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said last week that more than half of her 95-member caucus was ready to vote against the infrastructure package.

“It cannot pass,” she told reporters. “I’m not bluffing. I’m not doing a rostrum. We just don’t have the votes for it.”

The debate is unfolding as Senate Republicans threaten to block an extension of the debt limit that would fund the government until December 3.

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