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Horizon 2060: they imagine the war of the future

From bionic soldiers to AI-driven combat gear, what will the war of the future look like? Between science fiction and reality, the French army reviews the scenarios. The author Xavier Mauméjean, member of the “Red Team” which advises the Defense Innovation Agency, is our guest.

What will the soldiers of the future look like? The French army has set up an ethics committee to work on the issue. Will the so-called bionic soldiers soon be in operation? Reportage.

The military is also using science fiction writers to question the future of its soldiers. For the past few weeks, a multidisciplinary team of creators and experts has been imagining the wars of the future. Called the “Red Team”, it refines these scenarios for 2030-2060. Xavier Mauméjean is one of its members. Writer at the confluence of fantasy and detective story, he is the author of one of the two scenarios that have just been unveiled by the Defense Innovation Agency. It plunges us into a techno-thriller in the middle of the Mediterranean, where geopolitics mingles with neural networks and pirating of autonomous ships. He is our guest.

Make peace, not war! Guillaume Grallet of the magazine Le Point is interested in technologies that want to increase the maintenance of peace. Decryption alongside the UN, for example.

Compensate or even overcome the handicap and the loss of autonomy. Startups, universities and institutions are working together. This week, an overview of the latest Handitech solutions with a focus on mobility. Omni allows you to connect a wheelchair to an electric scooter for more freedom. After years of research at the University of Versailles, Gyrolift proposes to increase mobility for everyone, whether seated or standing. Inclusive demonstration in Test24!