Honda shares images and details for the 2024 Prologue EV

Honda has dabbled in electric vehicles, but its first mainstream model doesn’t go on sale in the United States until 2024. The Prologue will be Honda’s first electric vehicle for our market, and today the automaker shared details and images of the new SUV. .

Using what it calls a “neo-rugged” design direction, Honda wrote the Prologue with inspiration from the Honda e EV. It’s positioned above the CR-V and next to the Passport in Honda’s lineup and is about the same size externally as its petrol counterpart. Honda hasn’t shared interior dimensions yet, but the Prologue’s 121.8-inch wheelbase is almost a foot longer than the Passport’s, which should provide generous interior space for passengers and cargo.

The Prologue’s cabin includes an 11.3-inch infotainment screen and an 11-inch digital gauge cluster. A panoramic roof and a unique anthracite/light gray interior theme inspired by “freshly fallen snow on the mountains”.

The Prologue won’t go on sale until the 2024 model year, but Honda sees an opportunity for mainstream buyers to get the full EV experience with the CR-V hybrid. The automaker says it will offer a special two-year lease in zero-emission states and hopes to boost hybrid sales to account for half of overall CR-V sales.

Honda developed the Prologue with help from General Motors and will launch a range of affordable electric vehicles with the US automaker from 2026. Despite being slow to transition to electrification, Honda says it will introduce 30 new electric vehicles in the world by 2030 and plans to fully shift to electric vehicle sales by 2040.

[Image: Honda]

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