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Homicide suspect escapes from Washington, DC hospital

A man arrested for homicide escaped Wednesday from a hospital in Washington, DC, police said.

Christopher Patrick Haynes, 30, escaped from George Washington Hospital at 3:38 p.m., the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

How he escaped is not clear from the statement. He is not handcuffed, police said.

“Do not engage, call 911 if spotted,” the department said.

Christopher Patrick Haynes.washington dc police

Temporary and preventative closures have been put in place around the White House, which is less than a mile from the hospital, the Secret Service spokesman said. Anthony Guglielmi said. The Secret Service Uniformed Division also assisted in the investigation.

George Washington University said it was monitoring the situation near its campus in Foggy Bottom. All evening classes, events and other in-person activities have been canceled, he posted on social media.

A lockdown order that was in effect on campus was lifted Wednesday night, and the university later said Haynes was no longer in the area.

Police described Haynes as a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks. They had said he was wearing a white suit with a red shoe, but later said he may have been wearing a black T-shirt and gray shorts.

“Haynes was last seen with black handcuffs strapped to his right wrist,” police said.

He had been arrested earlier Wednesday for a misdemeanor homicide, police said.

More details were not immediately available to police about the circumstances of Haynes’ arrest or escape or why he was in hospital.