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Home robbery: an expert tells us how to survive


After hearing the recorded 911 call from six men involved in a home intrusion in Longueuil, we all wonder what we should do if a situation like this happens again in our home.

In an interview with Alexandre Dubé via QUB radio, former SQ police officer and president of the security firm Vigiteck, Paul Laurier, mentions that one of the first things to do is to keep calm.

“You have to try to take control of your emotions, of the situation and to comply,” said the expert.

Mr. Laurier adds that you have to let the attackers take your belongings even if they are expensive like your jewelry.

“Usually we have insurance. For a few charms, it’s not worth putting your life in danger, ”he added.

The ex-policeman advises not to try to confront the person or persons who broke into your home. Bringing out knives, blunt objects or firearms is also a bad idea according to him.

“It could backfire on you. You can hurt yourself or someone else. If that happens, you sign your death warrant.”

  • Listen to the interview with Paul Laurier, ex-policeman at the SQ and president of the security firm Vigiteck on the Alexandre Dubé show via QUB-radio :

Call 911

On the microphone of Alexandre Dubé, he mentioned that if you have any doubts, the best thing to do is to call the emergency services.

“People (at 911) are used to it. They will ask the right questions. They will calm you down and take control of the situation,” explained Paul Laurier.

In the event that the situation escalates, the police will already know your location and will be able to bring the services needed to intervene closer.

To hide ?

It is indeed possible to find places to hide inside your home: under the bed, under the mattress, in wardrobes, etc.

The ex-policeman at the SQ mentions that if you have places that lock, like a toilet, it’s a good place to hide.

“You are able to put up a barrier and dialogue,” he advised.