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Heritage: discovering traditional Norman thatched cottages



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Heritage: discovering traditional Norman thatched cottages

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France 2 – J/ Mimouni, O. Labalette, J. Chouquet, drone: JF Drone N’Caux, M. Le Bivic, Roumois-sur-Seine tourist office

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This week, the 13 Heures Découverte tells you the history of our traditional houses, almost everywhere in our regions. After Alsace, direction, this Tuesday September 19, Normandy with its cottages.

Carriage ride, to the rhythm of the draft horse, with a former circus stuntman. Taking the thatched road, we discover the Norman houses, which are distinguished by their thatched roofs, their half-timbering and their cob walls. Rustic or more original, these traditional houses are still numerous along the Seine.

Houses of all colors

My mother bought this house. She first bought the first part which is at the end and then the second part.explains Jean-Pierre Lagarde, owner of a cottage in Vieux-Port (Eure). He has been coming to this house since he was 6 years old. And, contrary to popular belief at the time, the half-timbering was not brown. “Houses were painted all colors in the old days before we intervened, simply because people used the leftover paint they had. And they painted one floor one color, another floor another color“, he explains.