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“He shouldn’t have been there”

“The memory of the fate of the AZF factory brings out great pain for the Landernians who knew Philippe Boclé. Phil was anchored in Landerneau. He was 26 when the tragedy occurred in Toulouse. He shouldn’t have been there ”.

“The love of a Toulouse basketball player”

“It was in Landerneau, when the basketball club (EOL) had the organization of the French championship finals that Phil met love. All of us, volunteers, were dedicated to organizing this day. Phil has been put in charge of the Toulouse club. He followed them on their basketball course in Landerneau and fell in love with one of his players. He followed his love to move to Toulouse, follow his bride and settle in the pink city. He shouldn’t have been there “.

“Emotional earthquake for loved ones”

“Employee on the AZF site, he was not supposed to work that day but had been called in as a backup. He was at the heart of this explosion. Industrial earthquake, certainly, but an emotional earthquake for all his relatives and friends. He shouldn’t have been there ”.

“A music lover”

“I remember our discussions to convince us that the series ‘Ally Mac Beal’ (and its music by Barry White) was the best series in the world and our debates as to whether Placebo was the best music group in the world. He was passionate about music. There is a music room which now bears his name in Landerneau. He is one of those people who are said to be exceptional. He was exceptional. Of his kindness, his tenacity, his laughter, his friendship ”.

“How to get over it? “

“His funeral in Landerneau (so difficult to organize) was one of the most painful moments in the life of everyone who knew him. How to get over it? Time is the only parameter that sustains life. So for all those who knew and loved him, remember. Remember, Phil, it was raining on Landerneau that day ”.

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