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Hayden Panettiere adds a touch of ‘watermelon’ to her pink hair

Hayden Panettiere has a juicy update on her hair.

Two weeks after revealing she dyed her hair pink, the actress shared that she added a pop of green to her outfit.

“I love my new watermelon vibes up top!” she wrote on Instagram on September 18 alongside photos of her new style, going on to praise the colorist Erick Orellana. “Thank you @erickohair, you are the best! Xoxo.”

Hayden also paid tribute to the hairdresser Rena Calhoun and makeup artist Janice Daoud for its look. However, the transformation may not come as a surprise to her fans since Hero alum has played with several hair colors and lengths over the years, ranging from long and blonde to short and silver.

And earlier this year, Hayden shared some of her hair care secrets.

“I just like my natural oils, but oils are important,” she said Women’s health in a video from March. “Kérastase oil. And I sleep with, like, a silk pillowcase to make sure breakage doesn’t happen. And don’t wash it too often. Just let your hair be natural. Let nature take its course his work.”