Hassan Al-Thawadi: Qatar 2022 will witness an Olympic spirit in a World Cup

Al-Thawadi promised fans that Qatar 2022 will be a compact World Cup allowing fans to watch two matches per day …

Qatar inaugurated the fourth venue of the 2022 World Cup – the magnificent Ahmad Bin Ali stadium in Al Rayyan city on December 18, also on Qatar National Holiday.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) has now opened four venues for the World Cup, with exactly two years for the flagship event. The other three sites already completed are the Khalifa International, Al Janoub and Education City stadiums.

Hassan Al Thawadi, the general secretary of SC – the organization responsible for organizing the World Cup in 2022, said that sustainability was one of the key aspects that was taken into account when building the this stage.

“I’m very, very proud after the stadium opened. For me, the stadium represents our commitment to sustainability. When we demolished the previous stadium, we used 90% of its materials to build this stadium. I think therefore it represents our long-term commitment to sustainability.

“But of course the day itself is a very special day. It represents the past, present and future. The past in the sense that today is our national holiday. The present as we celebrate the final The Amir Cup. And the future is that the 2022 World Cup final will take place on the 18th. On all fronts, this is a special moment for us, ”he said.

The site’s design, construction, management and energy efficiency comply with the Gulf Research and Development Organization (GORD) Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). As a result, the certificates of conformity GSAS Design & Build Certification (four stars), GSAS Construction Management Certification (Class A *) and GSAS Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) were awarded to the Al Rayyan stadium.

The project achieved a landfill rate of 90%, as it minimized construction and demolition waste. It is also 20% more energy efficient compared to other sites and uses 20% less water, thanks to sustainable measures.

The manager also stressed the importance of involving the community from the start to foster a sense of harmony and inclusion.

“From day one, we have involved the community in all stages of the stadium’s development. We therefore visited the families of the community surrounding the stadium. We tried to understand what they wanted and what concerns they had. We tried to answer It will be a destination for the community as we have one of the biggest malls and metro station here. It will be a very unique stadium, ”the senior official said.

The SC had promised that the fan experience remained high on their list of priorities and Thawadi assured that they “looked forward to” welcoming visitors from all corners of the world. Fans won’t have to take a flight to travel from one stadium to another and will be able to enjoy multiple matches on the same day.

“The fact that it’s three miles from Education City Stadium represents a compact World Cup. We’ve always made that commitment to the fans. The best way to describe it is Olympic spirit but in a World Cup. I think fans will be able to watch more than one game a day and it will be a one-time offer. They won’t have to change accommodation to keep up with their teams. They will be able to celebrate the world coming together for the World Cup and to football at the same time on the field.

“Excitement, pride and sometimes anxiety but overall it’s anticipation. Looking forward to the start of the World Cup. Where to welcome everyone from different parts of the world to celebrate this great moment,” said the secretary general of the SC.

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