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Harvard law professor says Trump blew up his own defense for one reason


Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard, suggested Monday that Donald Trump threw his own defense of his election obstruction case “not just under a bus but under a freight train” when he bragged to NBC’s Kristen Walker that it was her decision to challenge the 2020 result.

And it was all due to the former president’s narcissism.

It would now be very difficult for Trump to argue at trial that he was acting on the advice of his lawyers, Tribe told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“It is sometimes said that only a fool hires himself as a lawyer to defend himself. I don’t think Trump is a jerk, but he’s certainly a narcissist,” he noted.

“All he has to do is say that he is responsible for everything. He doesn’t depend on anyone,” Tribe added. “It’s very good politically. But in the courtroom, he just destroyed that defense, the defense that I was relying solely on my lawyers and therefore I didn’t have the state of mind to commit these crimes. He just blew that out of the water.