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Let’s talk about sex, baby!

On Tuesday, September 21, Netflix released the first teaser for Gwyneth Paltrowthe latest goop-centric show, Sex, love and goop, which releases October 21. And, as the title suggests, the series takes a closer look at love and sex through the Hello lens.

Specifically, Sex, love and goop follows a group of couples, who turn to the experts to learn lessons on how to improve their relationships by deepening, you guessed it, sex and intimacy. The actress turned lifestyle guru shares with attendees in the first look, “We’re having sex. It’s a sex show. We’re going to talk about sex.”

Although the preview is rather brief, Paltrow said in a statement: “Sex, love and goop explores what it means to be truly intimate in a relationship: expressing your deepest fears and desires and accepting those of your partners. “

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