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Gunman in LA rampage had arsenal at home, sources say

A gunman who went on a rampage in Los Angeles on Tuesday – killing two people and injuring two others – had an arsenal of weapons in his home and owned a legally purchased AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, sources told The Times policewomen. about the incident appeared.

The suspect, who was fatally shot by police after a deadlock on a Fullerton freeway, lived in southeast Los Angeles County, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

LAPD officials said on Tuesday they recovered a handgun they said had been used in all shootings. The police were investigating the legality of the weapons found at the shooter’s home.

The man’s motivation to spray bullets in five different locations remains unclear. It does not appear that he knew the victims, according to the sources.

The LAPD is investigating whether the shootings were hate crimes, since two of the victims were Asian – one of those who died and one who was shot in the head by a gunshot. But no determination has been made.

Police did not identify the suspect.

Investigators stand outside a Starbucks where Alexis Carbajal was killed.

(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

The suspect began his rampage at Figueroa Street and Exposition Boulevard just before 1 a.m. on Tuesday, repeatedly shooting a man inside a car and grazing the man’s head with a bullet, according to the chief from LAPD, Michel Moore.

About 10 minutes later, Moore said, the suspect pulled up to a Starbucks bus near 28th Street and Figueroa, where Alexis Carbajal, 24, was queuing up with his new wife. The man backed up in their car, then parked next to them and, after an exchange of words, opened fire on the young couple, killing Carbajal, Moore said. His wife was also injured, but police were not sure whether she had been hit by gunshot or glass or shrapnel.

Carbajal’s family created a GoFundMe account to raise funds for his funeral expenses.

“He didn’t deserve this, he was a gentle soul who always put others before himself, he could light up any room and was such a caring person,” read the webpage, adding that he had left his wife, mother and sisters.

Within 15 minutes, Moore said, the suspect then arrived at 7th and Figueroa streets, where he shot dead Mingzhi Zhu, 42, a South Pasadena resident, who was driving for Uber, according to his family. GoFundMe page.

Zhu supported his wife, 8-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter while driving with Uber, according to GoFundMe’s call. He once returned $ 400 to an elderly passenger who left the money in the backseat, he said.

“Mingzhi was a hardworking, intelligent, kind, gentle and deeply loving person. His family is lost without him, ”the page reads. “He was an honest man who cared about others and loved his family above all else.”

Investigation into whether the shootings were racially motivated takes place in a national context rise of anti-asian violence.

Violence against Asian Americans has increased in recent months across the country. Los Angeles alone, police said there were 15 anti-Asian hate crimes reported in 2020, up from seven in 2019. There have also been nine “incidents” of hate – sectarian encounters that do not reach the level of one crime – reported in 2020, up from seven the year before, police said.

The suspect shot people in two other cars – hitting one man’s Tesla and missing the other car – before fleeing from Los Angeles Police in a white Jeep.

The nearly three-hour chase ended in Fullerton, when police used a strip of spikes to puncture the Jeep’s tires and then surrounded the vehicle on Highway 91 at around 3:20 a.m.

After officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect, Moore said, he opened fire through his windshield.

A SWAT officer fired back and killed him, Moore said.

Times editor Kevin Rector contributed to this report.

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