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The autistic younger brother of a groom gave a touching witness speech that has gone viral and has now been viewed by over six million people online.

Newlyweds Jonah and Maddy Waldron shared the speech given by Sam Waldron, 23, on their TikTok page, where it has also been liked over 766,000 times.

Sam told the 170-person wedding reception that his older brother was his “hero” and “never looked down on me” in the sweet and funny speech, which was delivered earlier in the summer.

The witness told his audience at the Iowa wedding that speaking in public was an ordeal.

“You see, I am autistic. My autism can make me terribly afraid to interact with people, let alone give a speech in front of 170 of them, for Pete’s sake, ”he joked.

The speech quickly led the emotional bride and groom to search for handkerchiefs to wipe away tears.

“But there is one person in the world that I would do this for, Jonah Waldron. Look at this. There are two people in the world that I would do this for: Maddy and Jonah Waldron.

He then officially welcomed the bride into the Waldron family, telling her they were “like good fudge – especially sweet with a bunch of nuts.”

Sam then told the bride that she had married “the second prettiest Waldron” but had “all the makings of a big sister”.

He then told his new sister-in-law that he felt comfortable around her, despite her autism.

“For me personally, Maddy, you know that sometimes I can get very uncomfortable and nervous with a lot of people… I’ve never been like this with you. You give me peace. You bring peace. to everyone around you.

Sam then turned his attention to his 27-year-old “best brother”, who wiped away tears as he spoke.

“Jonah, growing up like your little brother, you never looked down on me,” he said.

“You lifted me up and watched over me. You always reminded me that being different is a real strength, not a weakness.

“You were, and you are, patient and kind. You love me as I am.

He then reminded his brother that he might be a talented student, but unlike Sam, he had never rapped at a cheering rally, nor been voted Returning King by the other students.

“To this day you support me. You listen to me, you are in the present, I am so proud of you and Maddy … God bless you, I love you both “, he declared to conclude his speech, for which he received a standing ovation.

Sam told he was “really nervous before the speech.

“Before I got up I wasn’t sure everyone would like my speech, but I felt more comfortable as I started to read,” he said. .

“I felt like I was talking to anyone who has autism and speaking on behalf of the autism community.”

His brother admitted that he couldn’t help but cry during the speech.

“Once he started talking, I couldn’t hold back my tears of happiness,” he told the outlet.

Sam said he was happy the video of his speech was enjoyed by so many people.

“I felt like I inspired a lot of people so it was good,” he added.

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