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Greg Gutfeld: Joe Biden unifies the country by disapproving

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Joe Biden’s popularity is like his teeth at night – underwater. If it went any deeper, it would have crabs, because it would be in the sea. That’s where the crabs live. Stick your head out of the gutter.

His approval rating is 39%, even after Roe’s run from Wade, which was designed to bring his oblivious presidency to life. It was a Biden leak that didn’t require a change of pants.

It still didn’t work. In fact, thanks to idiots heading to the judges’ houses as if they were invited to a barbecue, it quickly turned into a freak show. But with more bearded women. Underrated, by the way.


When you saw the protests, you probably like me, I wish their moms were as pro-abortion as their offspring. Why not? This is how you support them. You were also reminded that pro-choice doesn’t always mean choosing soap and water.

Worst statistic of all, that jaw dropping one from NBC News, 75% of the population thinks this country is going in the wrong direction. It’s amazing. You couldn’t get more agreement from a kids room if you yelled “who wants ice cream and no homework?”

The Biden administration announced this week the creation of a disinformation governance council to combat online misinformation.
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Meanwhile, 16% believe the country is moving in the right direction. Which begs the question, who the hell are these 16%? As I suspected, a CNN production reunion.

So we live in a time of polarization, we are told, and the polarization is fueled by the media doing all they can to hold us at each other’s throats. They see everything through the lens of identity politics and everywhere they look, except in the mirror, there is evidence of racism.

I thought it would destroy America, but instead it destroys the Democratic Party and places like CNN and MSNBC. They are losing viewers. And that created unity, an almost unanimous belief that the country is going in the wrong direction.

So, kudos to Sleepy Joe for bringing the country together on something other than a desire to take his car keys away.

When you have almost 80% saying we’re going off a precipice, that’s not polarization. It’s a realization that we’re not heading to a good place. Seriously, when your car is rolling towards the Grand Canyon, you’re not arguing about changing radio stations. Well, unless he’s playing Maroon Five, then you could step up.

You see, the manager suffers from a strange flaw. It’s a lack of imagination — they can’t see ahead. The problems we face are obvious, high crime, high inflation, high illegal immigration. And yet, these problems do not exist until they become political. They simply don’t exist until they create the risk of disempowerment. But then it’s too late, so they cry racism.

What does it do to the ruling party?

Well, that makes them ill-equipped to prevent or solve a real problem. These muscles have atrophied from disuse. Take crime, apparently it doesn’t exist until it affects the polls or their own personal safety, not yours. Then the Democratic Party acts like my stomach when I have dairy. Once you’ve done that, you don’t have time to worry about it. It’s disgusting.

Their goal is to win elections, not to stop crime. Shouting “defund the police” can win over voters in big cities. But what do you say to the same voters after the election when their neighborhood burns like that rash I got from sharing Jesse’s gym towel.

As long as the elections are far away, the crime can continue. Nothing wrong with continuing. The Dems being the majority. presidency of Joe. The Seth Meyers Show. He comes by late at night if you don’t know who he is.

Greg Gutfeld: Joe Biden unifies the country by disapproving

FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Joe Biden, March 31, 2022. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

And then suddenly, as the mid-term exams approach, they panic. Crime matters. So does gas prices. The same goes for the food on the table. Then they imitate the Republicans. Hey, we’re also anti-criminals. We need more cops.

They’re like the bullied guy who breaks all the windows in your neighborhood and happens to be the owner of the new glass shop opening up around the corner.

You get this because you are not a politician. You have a real job. When you are faced with a problem that needs to be solved, you solve it right away because you have a boss. You have deadlines, job reviews, and pride.

You don’t have the luxury of having a political machine that makes sure you can keep your job every two or four years. For Democrats, they only work when they’re campaigning. And winning an election is a reminder that it’s time to relax and do nothing. Just when you roll up your sleeves, they roll up theirs. What does Joe have to say?

BIDEN-LIKE STAFF: No no no no. Look look. 39, those numbers aren’t that bad. I mean, you know, this guy, Brandon, you have to remember, Brandon probably got a 35-year-old endorsement, and then you have to remember I’m Brandon. Very well. All that. Let’s go, Brandon. Let’s go. Brady, you need to give me that number. So 39 and you know, Brandon, so we’re up and about 74 and then 10% for the big guy and we’re over 80. Come on, man. Yes.

I guess that’s why Trump fell so unusual. It was always in campaign mode, or what we would call work mode almost all the time. He went into work to work and what a new concept it was, a popularly elected politician working tirelessly for the people who elected him. No wonder all the lazy bastards hate him.

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