Grealish settles accounts with a Liverpool legend!

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Jack Grealish reacts! While Graeme Souness slammed him this week, saying he ” did not learn quickly“, the former captain of Aston Villa was surprised at the relentlessness of the legend of Liverpool towards him. The most expensive player in the history of the Premier League did not hide his annoyance at a press conference.

Grealish does not understand relentlessness!

“I don’t know what his problem is with me. He always says things about me. I try not to read a lot. It’s tough when he’s on Sky Sports and they’re around the training ground sometimes. He was obviously a great player and he won a lot but I don’t know about what he says about me or what problem he has. I know my own abilities. I know before he used to say a lot about me not letting go of the ball fast enough, but when I play for a manager like Pep Guardiola and he tells me to keep the ball as much as possible, it’s is what I am going and what I am trying to do, ”he said in comments reported by the Daily Mail.

Finally, he concluded, fatalistic about the critics:

“Obviously I’m always going to get some criticism if I don’t play well. I always watch my matches and I am very critical of myself. I know there were games, especially in the second half of last season, where I was not at my best level at all. I will always have people behind me, but I just have to try to play well. You really can’t do much about the reviews. It probably affects my family more than me. These days people have so much to say, whether it’s on social media or experts and stuff like that. I had to learn to deal with that. If it was my mother or my father, I would listen to a lot more. »

to summarize

Manchester City striker Jack Grealish has settled accounts with a Liverpool legend. Indeed, he does not understand why Graeme Souness is hounding him, always criticizing his performance.


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