Grand oral examination of the bac: what high school students think about it – France

Place de Strasbourg, entrance to the city of Brest. Near the Iroise high school, more professional cyclists are running in than candidates for the grand oral of the 2021 baccalaureate.

The principal Jean-François Jacopin readily admits it: this year, the spread over time was privileged to the race in tight rows to wipe the plasters of what the ministry understands like “an exercise to convince, more than a knowledge check ”. An oasis in this tank in continuous control or almost truncated by the virus, once again. “The juries are no longer there to support the students. Ultimately, it is about preparing them for eloquence, for debate and not for spiel. “

Good but weird

Souen, a tall fellow with a sparkling gaze, has just finished. He, like all his associates, prepared two subjects during the year that he proposed to his jury for a day: a teacher of one of his specialties and a neophyte. He had opted for math and physics. He stumbled across math. Twenty minutes to put things in order, twenty more to convince between presentation and questions.

“The most complicated thing is to talk. There is a dramaturgy that makes the exam even more stressful, especially since we didn’t rehearse much. “All the more so as, during the year, the grand oral proved to be the only face-to-face test, with philosophy.

“An acceleration that we felt when the special events were canceled,” confirms Nils, who finds the exercise half-hearted, half-grape. “It’s good to work on the oral but what is weird is that we have been working on the substance for three years and that we will first be judged on the form, on our performance. “

Nils had his grand oral this Thursday morning. (Photo The Telegram / Steven Le Roy)

Bac already acquired

Like an anomaly that Timothy also notes, who admits to being shy and that this prospect did not really reassure. “The preparation turned out to be more complicated than expected,” believes the one who caused the ballistics and who thinks he honestly got out of it. “But is that going to unleash people who are introverts?” I do not think so. It will rather sanction them. “

The only young girl in this small group diluted in the time of a morning, Youna is also the only one not to have chosen the maths-physics pair. “Me, I had SES and geopolitics,” she said with a big masked smile. Usually rather at ease in speaking, she considers that this great oral “is a little pompous in the title” but remains “a good exercise, useful for the future”. But she, like the others, know that a priori, their bac is already played on the continuous assessment. Next year will be another matter.

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