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This is the second “Pillar” of the anti-discrimination policy desired by Emmanuel Macron: a “large” online citizen consultation, anonymous and open to all, intended to assess existing measures, assess the measures under study and bring up new ideas and ” good practices “. After the launch, on February 12, of an anti-discrimination platform, placed under the aegis of the Defender of Rights, this “Democratic highlight”, which begins Thursday April 8, will be spread over a period of two months. The conclusions will be submitted to the Prime Minister at the end of June.

“Equality remains a principle and not a reality for many citizens, underlined during a press point, Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate in charge of equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities, who kicked off. The discriminations felt or suffered constitute more than a departure from our republican pact, they are its negation. “

Eight themes were identified: discrimination in employment, housing, transport, security, transport, access to leisure, public services, healthcare, insurance, banks and mutual funds. Evoking the “Tormented period” current who sees “Discrimination increases”, the Minister recalled that 25 criteria of discrimination were prohibited by law such as true or assumed origin, true or assumed religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability … In June 2020, the Defender of Rights had once again noted the extent of this discrimination – foremost among which is the origin – and pointed out the role of the health crisis and confinement in the worsening of the phenomenon.

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Guarantee the same remuneration

“Equal opportunities is a priority of this five-year term”, hammers for several months the head of state. While the bill reinforcing republican principles, known as the “law on separatism”, is being debated in the Senate, the executive is seeking to emphasize the social aspect of its action, a message that is difficult to convince.

“The objective of this consultation is also to respond to the feeling of certain people of not being listened to”, declared during the press point Marc Fesneau, Minister Delegate in charge of relations with Parliament and citizen participation. The government is counting on the declared will of the French to actively fight against discrimination, insisted Moreno. As evidenced by the Harris Interactive 2021 barometer, carried out over the past six years for the network of associations working in the working-class neighborhoods Maisons des potes and published on March 18 (online survey conducted from March 15 to 16 among a representative national sample of 1,033 people aged 18 and over). “The French support the measures intended to prevent, repress and remedy discrimination, analysis Samuel Thomas, general delegate of the national federation of the Maisons des mates, whose proposals are supported by a number of unions (CGT, CFDT, FSU, UNSA, Sud …) and associations (SOS-Racisme, Licra, Mrap, LDH, Cran …). The anti-racists are ultramajoritaires in French society, but they want concrete and coercive measures, they are fed up with eternal diagnoses, platforms and studies. “

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