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GOP voters say Trump retains support but think controversies distract from issues


Republican voters who spoke to Fox News on Wednesday agreed that former President Donald Trump has done a great job in the White House, but some are hoping a different candidate with fewer distractions becomes the nominee.

While Trump has yet to announce whether he will attend the first GOP primary debate, which will be moderated by Fox News Channel anchors Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier on August 23, Republican voters in key swing states had differing opinions. on whether he should be their candidate. .

Deb Ludwig, a voter from Ohio, told ‘The Story’ that Trump had done a “really good job” in his four years as president, but she would like to see a candidate like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis confronting President Biden.

“I would rather (Trump) not run. I would like to make the election on the people and on the country,” she said.


Former President Trump remains the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination. (SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP via Getty Images)

“And I think we’re going to hang on to Trump, which is unfortunate,” she said. “Too many voters can’t ignore” the controversies surrounding the frontrunner, she suggested.

DeSantis’ inability to break into the rest of the Republican field, however, was a concern for Ludwig, who added that the governor had been great for the state of Florida.

MacCallum noted that Ludwig’s comments somewhat mirror an AP poll released Wednesday showing that 69% of Americans don’t want Trump to run for a second term, while a slightly higher number — three-quarters of Americans — don’t. don’t want Biden to run again.

If elected, Trump would be the first president since New Jersey-born Democrat Grover Cleveland to serve non-consecutive terms.

Pollster Kellyanne Conway, a former Trump adviser, said she agreed with a separate poll outlining support from a majority of Republicans for all candidates qualified to attend the Fox News debate.


“I am one of them,” she said, adding that it is a form of “direct democracy” where the public has free access to candidates – and hopes are also forced to answer difficult questions in a group setting.

She noted how from 1980 to 2008, a Clinton or a Bush had been on a presidential ticket in every election.

“So Americans love to say, ‘I don’t want Trump or Biden. But then they go to Chick-Fil-A every night in the minibus and order number three. We like to say that we are revolutionaries. We want new things. They have all these choices. And yet, Biden is likely going to be the nominee with Harris as his running mate. And Trump is the frontrunner,” Conway said.

“I think the most important polls are the ones that (MacCallum) points to, which is who responds to voters running in those states. And then also, what percentage of votes does Biden have among the Democrats right now – and does Trump have any among the Republicans?”

Conway said voters are basically “shopping around” given the new era of repeat candidates at the top of the ballots.


Noreen Johnson, a Republican voter from Pennsylvania, was asked by MacCallum about a Quinnipiac poll showing a majority of Republican voters believe a felony conviction should make any candidate ineligible for president.

“Trump’s base is the most loyal base on planet earth. He has the strongest people behind him…these attacks and these charges and even these indictments and the 400 charges, it’s unbelievable,” a- she answered.

“(T)he target is not Donald Trump. It’s us. It’s the Americans. He’s just in the way.”

Johnson joked that polls and news reports can project a scenario, but it’s until almost Election Day that Americans’ true feelings come out – underlining how Hillary Clinton’s campaign was forced to cancel his huge fireworks display in New York during the election. Night 2016, after it was clear that Trump had defeated her.

In that way, she said the real barometer will be the consensus that emerges after Trump’s various indictments are tried – calling the charges a “joke”.

Johnson added that she hopes Trump will debate his competitors.

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