Google suspends political ads due to risk of violence

One week before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, and while the city of Washington has been placed in a state of emergency until January 24, Google, faced with the risk of calls to violence that could result, this Wednesday, January 13, decided to put political advertising on hiatus.

According to one of its spokespersons, the online search giant includes in this measure “All announcements referring to the indictment [du président sortant, Donald Trump], the investiture or the demonstrations of the Capitol “, which occurred on January 6, and which shocked the country and tarnished its international image.

After suspending Donald Trump’s YouTube channel for a period of one week, the Alphabet subsidiary could maintain these measures, taken “Following the unprecedented events of the past week”, and this at least until the day after the presidential inauguration.

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Resurgence of warning signs of violence

Since the assault on the Capitol, Facebook has for its part spotted an upsurge in warning signs of violence in connection with the contestation of the result of the US presidential election, said a spokesperson for the group on Wednesday. The eruption of supporters of Donald Trump in the precincts of Congress seems to have galvanized others, she explained.

Among the latter, some are seeking to organize rallies across the United States and on dates close to the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, continued the spokeswoman, who wished to remain anonymous for reasons of security. Facebook has notably spotted the dissemination of digital leaflets from militias and groups calling for a new insurgency.

The US federal police are expecting armed demonstrations as of January 16, not only in Washington, but also in the capitals of the 50 US states.

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