Gilles Pennelle judges “delusional” to have been mentioned as a neo-Nazi – Brittany

Jean-Richard Sulzer, a former economic advisor to Marine Le Pen, who runs a movement at the National Rally representing activists of the Jewish faith, warns against the presence of candidates with a “sulphurous” past in regional and departmental elections.

In an email addressed to the president of the movement, dated May 5 and that AFP obtained – confirming information from the JDD -, he wrote: “My co-religionists, who adore you, will never vote for them. : you risk finding mixed newsletters ”. Outgoing regional councilor in Hauts-de-France, Jean-Richard Sulzer presents himself this time to departmental in Hauts-de-Seine. Member of the national council of the RN (party parliament), in 2019 he created the “National Jewish Rally”, renamed at the request of a lawyer from Marine Le Pen “Cercle national juif France-Israël”.

Gilles Pennelle targeted

In his email, which denounces “a harmful infiltration”, to the detriment “of all people of Jewish origin”, appears the name of the head of the list in Brittany and boss of the federations of the Gilles Pennelle party for his proximity to the neopagan group. Racialist Earth and People. As well as that of the outgoing regional councilor in Ile-de-France Axel Loustau, former activist of the ultra-right student union GUD, or of Philippe Vardon, campaign director of the head of the list in Paca Thierry Mariani, former member of Unit radical and Identitarians.

“It is clear that all these characters, often long-time members, have been put forward despite a somewhat sulphurous past (writings, videos, tweets, posts, condemnations (…)”, adds Jean-Richard Sulzer in his email to the head of the RN.

In the Jerusalem Post at the beginning of April, he called for “the withdrawal of neo-Nazis from the lists” in these polls.

“Delusional accusations”

Contacted by Telegram at the end of the morning this Monday, May 31, 2021, Gilles Pennelle strongly denies accusations that he considers “delusional”. “All this comes from a gentleman from the National Rally, Jean-Richard Sulzer, who is unhappy and probably very bitter at not having been invested in the regional elections and who tells nonsense. He settles accounts and it is unacceptable, ”he assures us.

I am being tried in Moscow, a witchcraft trial that falls as if by chance in the middle of an election campaign.

The leader of the National Rally in Brittany, head of the “Strong Brittany” list in the next regional elections, categorically denies ever having joined the Land and People grouping. “I certainly wrote an article on Mont Saint-Michel, as a history teacher, in the collection” Walks in the heart of pagan Europe “, in 2002. It was, of course, with others. members of the National Front like Pierre Vial. But I said there my love for Mont-Saint-Michel, nothing more ”.

“A witchcraft trial”

Being indirectly labeled a neo-Nazi makes him jump. “I completely deny that. I am being tried in Moscow, a witchcraft trial that falls as if by chance in the middle of an election campaign. We can look for anything we want about me, we will never find a comment, a writing or a word that can bring me closer to that. All my commitment, all my family history are the complete antithesis! Two of my grandfather’s brothers were killed by those we called “the Boches”, their name appears on the Monuments to the dead “.

“Low maneuvers”

In a press release, Gilles Pennelle adds: “ The Bretons who have known me for many, many years through my candidacies for elections, my political commitment and my work as leader of the opposition in the Regional Council of Brittany, will not be fooled by these base and odious maneuvers which aim to smear a authentic patriot ”.

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