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Gilles Le Gendre calls on Macron to quickly chart a course


Yanis Darras

Renaissance MP Gilles Le Gendre was the guest of Europe 1 this Tuesday morning. At the microphone of Alexandre Le Mer, the elected Parisian returned to the future reshuffle that Emmanuel Macron is preparing. If Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will remain in office, the rest of the government is still waiting to be fixed on its fate. For Gilles le Gendre, the priority is above all to breathe new life into the five-year term.

Rumors multiplied in the press. Finally, Emmanuel Macron announced that Elisabeth Borne would remain Prime Minister. The Head of State plans to change certain members of the government, to breathe new life into the five-year term.

“It was the best choice. The Prime Minister has demonstrated her skills, her resilience, her loyalty to the President of the Republic. So it’s a good choice”, confides Gilles Le Gendre at the microphone of Europe 1.

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