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Ghostwriting, vocals from Beep the Meep and Shrinkflation – take the Thursday quiz | Life and style

Some things seem inevitable in life: death, taxes, and Liz Truss giving a speech about how she was right about everything. Also inevitable? It’s Thursday and the quiz is on. Fifteen questions on recent news, anecdotes and general knowledge await you. There’s no prize, because it’s just for fun, but let us know how you get on in the comments. You can gain bonus points for spotting hidden Doctor Who references and lose them for pointless quibbles. Have fun!

Thursday quiz, n°126

  1. 1.KARMA MAN: Which supermarket chain (not pictured) started brand-shaming by labeling 26 products with notices calling for “shrinkage”?

    Coles in Melbourne

  2. 2.CRACKED ACTOR: A row broke out over celebrity ghostwriting novels after the publication of Nineteen Steps, written by Kathleen McGurl (not pictured) but credited to whom?

    Ghost writer

  3. 3.KOOKS: Conservative London mayoral candidate Susan Hall sparked controversy after it was discovered she had liked a tweet (or X-post or whatever these days) praising which man policy ?

    Susan Hall

  4. 4.I’M AFRAID OF AMERICANS: Which US Congressman (not pictured) was kicked out of the musical Beetlejuice after being caught vaping?

    Beetlejuice Cosplay

  5. 5.LOVING THE ALIEN: Which legendary British star has been announced as the voice of the alien Beep the Meep in the upcoming Doctor Who special The Star Beast?


  6. 6.ASHES TO ASHES: After 1 billion copies and 118 years, which retail catalog announced last week that it would finally only be available online?

    Store sign

  7. 7.CHANGES: Today is Independence Day in Malta. Congratulations Malta! What is the capital of Malta?

    Maltese flag

  8. 8.A NEW CAREER IN A NEW CITY: It is also the anniversary of the appointment of the first woman to become a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. WHO?

    US Supreme Court

  9. 9.FANTASTIC TRIP: Siouxsie flies from Israel to Hong Kong for the final leg of her tour – coincidentally, two locations referenced in two of her hits. The distance between the two airports is 7,770 km. At one point, the pilot announces that he is 40% of the way there. How far did Siouxsie travel?


  10. ten.SCARY MONSTERS (AND SUPER CREEPS): Meet Willow, the official Guardian Thursday quiz dog. Here she is pictured as she discovers an AFLW match between Greater Western Sydney and Richmond has been delayed after what was spotted in the grass?

    Willow, the official Guardian Thursday quiz dog

  11. 11.CITY OF SUFFRAGETTS: When did women first obtain the universal right to vote in national elections in France?

    Eiffel Tower in France

  12. 12.DECADE OF ART: An artist has been ordered to repay money lent to him by a museum after providing empty frames for his work in exchange. Or?

    A man hangs works in a gallery

  13. 13.NEW STAR KILLED: Christopher Nolan’s short film about J. Robert Oppenheimer has become the highest-grossing biopic of all time. Which film has it replaced at the top of the biopic charts?

    Photo of Hyde Park, Leeds

  14. 14.I’M WITH NAME: For reasons still unclear during Thursday’s quiz, an Australian journalist gave their baby (not pictured) a ridiculous name to test the limits of the birth, death and marriage register. Which name?

    A baby

  15. 15.ALADDIN SANE: Speaking of names, the unifying theme this week was the titles of David Bowie songs. But what was his first name when he was born?

    David Bowie

If you really think there has been a glaring error in one of the questions or answers – and you can show your work – please feel free to email martin.belam@theguardian.com, but remember that the quiz master’s word is final and he is a god. a horrible little affair.


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