Getting the left out of apathy in the face of the National Rally

Analysis. It is a harsh statement of failure. Eighteen months before the presidential election, the left – as a whole – seems incapable of playing on a par with La République en Marche and the National Rally. In his poll for The JDD, published on October 4, the FIFG thus tested a series of candidate scenarios on the left for the 2022 presidential election. At best, the (improbable) hypothesis of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the sole candidate for the left, would collect 15% of the vote. In the same configuration, MEP Yannick Jadot and Socialist Anne Hidalgo would gather 13% of the vote. Far, too far, from the duo Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

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How to explain it? Three years after the arrival at the Elysee Palace of Mr. Macron, and despite major social movements (especially the movement of “yellow vests” and that against the pension reform), the left – perhaps we should say ” the lefts ”, so different they are – is, in fact, incapable of representing an alternative to Macronian power.

“For years, the fight against the extreme right was on the agenda of all leftist formations, it was an imposed figure. But everything has disappeared ”, Rémi Lefebvre, political scientist

Anger against the executive and its policies does not seem to be able to be embodied in socialist, communist, “rebellious” or environmental leaders, even though some do everything to become a political outlet for social demands. This is particularly the case with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, very active with the “yellow vests” or with the trade unionists against the pension reform. But also of the Greens, who want to be the political translation of the March for the climate and the mobilization of youth on environmental issues.

This state of affairs can also be explained by the attitude of the left towards the extreme right. Paradoxically, while the National Rally is firmly established in French political life, and that it weighs about a quarter of the electorate, the left-wing parties seem to have given up fighting step by step against this political family. In particular, a certain form of cynicism: the left strategists, convinced that victory is almost assured in the second round of the presidential election against Marine Le Pen, believe that the adversary to be beaten as a priority is the Head of State . But also a form of renunciation which leads to accept the leadership of the far right party.

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