Get yourself a useful idiot (and why you should be one for others)

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There is more to learning about a topic than just reading it or watching videos. It helps to discuss and apply your new knowledge which is why it is so smart to team up with a classmate to study together. How about studying on your own? It turns out that you don’t need your fellow student to know your subject at all.

We like this trick from redditor u / ElboMan, who helps his partner to study:

My girlfriend is studying for her CPA exam, and we recently developed this as a very effective study method for her. She sets up practical questions, we both say what we think is right, we check, and then she explains to me in detail why I’m wrong. 90% of that is completely beyond me, and if I’m being honest I guess at random most of the time, but it helps a lot. And as a bonus, I’m learning a bit about accounting.

Explaining something to another person is a great way to test how well you know it. And even if you just learned a fact or concept a minute ago, putting it into words can help cement it in your mind. Many of us have done this on an ad hoc basis, explaining a concept to a friend the day before a test, for example. But team up to do it as an ongoing practice seems like a great way to structure your studies.

If you are the buddy, however, remember that the idea here is to help the student, not to have a conversation until you learn it to your satisfaction. “If I just don’t understand and she is convinced that it understands this, we can move forward without it being a problem, ”writes ElboMan. And if you’re the one studying, make sure you’ve established roles with your boyfriend. You don’t teach them, they help you.


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