Get free money from Sam Adams beer to get vaccinated

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There is no greater motivation to get vaccinated than to do your part to end the pandemic that has singularly redefined our lives over the past year. And as a thank you for your efforts, Sam Adams wants to give you your first post-jab brew on the house.

Sam Adams buys 10,000 beers for the newly vaccinated in honor of National Beer Day. Or, more specifically, the Boston brewer opens his coffers to provide beer money to the first 10,000 people to participate in his #ShotForSam initiative, which will take place from April 12 to May 15.

Here’s how to get into the lager – once you’ve got at least one bullet in your arm, of course.

You will have to post on social networks

A promotional hashtag is a reason to post. To qualify for Sam Adam’s offer, you will need to post a photo of your vaccine card or sticker on Instagram and / or Twitter showing that you have received at least one cycle of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine (or the first and vaccine) of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, if you have it). All photos must be posted with the hashtag #ShotForSam and tagged with @samueladamsbeerbecause otherwise the company would have no idea that you are looking for free foam.

The whole initiative in a way defies general advice not to release images of your vaccine card to the masses for fear of giving crooks information that would facilitate your identity theft, so maybe go with the sticker if you get one – or hide your date of birth or other personal information when you share your card.

Time is running out, as supplies are limited: Sam Adams disperses his beer funds via $ 7 cash infusions, paid directly to winning entrants via Cash application, apparently to be used to buy a Sam Adams beer at a local bar or restaurant (although money spends the same everywhere). Winners will be notified of their triumph when the beer company slides into their DMs, presumably informing them that the arrival of beer money is imminent. The contest is open to participants aged 21 and over; this is not an opportunity for college freshmen to hit a beer maker in the hope of claiming an illegal drink.

Hurry, as you have until May 15, or until 10,000 delicious beers are claimed.


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