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Georgia prosecutors say Trump trial could last 4 months and rely on 150 witnesses

Amna Nawaz:

So when you look at the schedule, as you mentioned, the judge seems to be sticking to the October 23 trial start date for Kenneth Chesebro and probably Sidney Powell as well.

We know Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis would like to try all 19 defendants together. But the calendar ahead is getting very, very busy when it comes to the cases that Mr. Trump and his associates face.

I just want to take a look at the timeline, because we’ve listed some of these cases.

There is a trial, a civil fraud trial before this trial in Georgia for Mr. Chesebro. And then, at the start of the new year, of course, there’s a civil trial in the E. Jean Carroll case, and then, two months later, a federal trial related to January 6, the secret trial in New York and , Of course. , the lawsuit Mr. Trump faces over his handling of classified documents.

Stephen, I guess the real question here is, how likely is this trial in Georgia for the 19 defendants to actually go ahead and start in 47 days?

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