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Gates Foundation warns of future pandemic threats as Covid-19 response continues to plague global economy – RT World News

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose guidance has guided much of the global response to the Covid pandemic, has apparently washed its hands of a virus while warning that the world is not ready to cope to the next great pandemic.

The foundation’s annual report, released on Tuesday, deplores the resulting increase in poverty “by the Covid-19”- omitting that much of the damage from the virus stemmed from economic shutdowns imposed by governments that often followed the advice of the Gates Foundation and associated entities.

However, the report ultimately put a bullish spin on the damage, noting that things could have been much worse. Childhood immunizations had only fallen by half of forecast, and the economies of some rich countries were already rebounding, he noted. MRNA vaccine companies are emerging and investing in Africa and other impoverished parts of the world, the report added, after presumably realizing how much economic opportunity awaits them there.

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Putting its well-known vaccine evangelism at the forefront, the foundation’s report credited a vast vaccine infrastructure (which it has largely helped fund in previous decades) for global success in the fight against the virus, Even though the companies behind the headline-grabbing mRNA formulas admitted they do not prevent transmission of Covid-19 and may require additional booster injections.

But the report mainly treated Covid-19 as a thing of the past, almost declaring victory over the virus and calling attention to the need to scale up long-term infrastructure investments in order to prepare for the next pandemic. Many countries are still on their knees in cases of Covid-19, while others have kept the virus under control but have seen their economies destroyed or given up many freedoms in the process.

Ironically, the foundation cautioned readers against such efforts to move away from the recovery effort, writing the “very real risk that high-income countries and communities will start treating Covid-19 like another epidemic of poverty: it’s not our problem. However, high-income countries – particularly the English-speaking nations of the Five Eyes – have shown no signs of weariness with the social controls Covid-19 has allowed them to introduce, indicating that the virus (or at least the fear of it) could hang around for quite a while yet.

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None of this, of course, went into the annual report of the Gates Foundation, which emphasized the need to respond to crises. “years before they arrive– preferably through partnerships with foundations like her. According to the report, this was the only way for mankind to achieve the United Nations global goals – a set of 15 vague but positive advances designed to reduce poverty and improve living standards around the world – d ‘by 2030.

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